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Pastor Rev. Msgr. Xavier Pappu
phone: 903-295-7558 (res.)
In Residence Rev. Fr. Bruce Lincoln
phone: 903-295-7577 (res.)
Secretary Beth Kennedy
phone: 903-295-3890*101
Reception Nayeli Gonzalez
phone: 903-295-3890
Music Ministry Beth Kennedy
phone: 903-295-3890*119
Faith Formation Freeda Dasaiyan
phone: 903-295-3890*104

Youth Ministry Mary Corey
phone: 903-295-3890*107

This Week

 Apr. 21

 Women's ACTS Faith Sharing; 7:00 pm Room # 37

Youth Bible Story; 6:30 pm, Room # 31

Cursillistas;7:00 pm, Salon Parroquial

Apr. 23

Adoration; 7:30 am- 5:45 pm, Chapel

Book Club; 12:00 pm, Roo # 31

Adoracion; 7:30 am - 5:45 pm, Capilla

 Apr. 24

Finance Council; 6:30 pm, Conference Room

Baptism Class; 7:00 pm, Room # 22

 Quinceñera Clases; 6:00 pm, Salon # 13







Weekly Message



From Poverty to Prosperity

 Dear brothers and sisters,

Alleluia! Jesus is Risen! He has given us a renewed life! He became Nothing to be Everything in us and for us! The climax of our Lenten Journey is: "Though the Lord Jesus Christ was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich" (2 Cor.8:9). Christ became poor for us, that we might become rich IN HIM.

   What does it mean "to be rich"? Being rich is described in Revelation 3:17 as "having need of nothing". That is how God is rich. He has need of nothing.

   Jesus was not poor when He was on earth, for He had "need of nothing". Jesus once said, "The poor you have with you always, but you do not always have Me" (Matt.26:11). There He contrasted Himself with the poor. On another occasion, when Jesus told a rich young ruler to give all his money to the poor, Jesus was certainly not including Himself also among the poor to whom the money was to be given!! No. It is clear that Jesus was rich when He was on earth in this sense: He lacked nothing. That is how God wants us to be rich too.

    Jesus did become poor when he hung on the cross. He was stripped naked and crucified. He really became poor for our sakes, when He was crucified; so that we might become rich - or in other words, that we might have "need of nothing" in our lives.

    God has not promised to give us all that we want, but all that we need (Phil.4:19). Wise parents do not give their children all that they want or ask for, but only all that they need. God, too, will always give us "all that we need, according to his riches in glory IN Christ           Jesus" (Phil.4:19).

    Jesus became poor - so that we might be rich. This is the journey from Poverty to Prosperity. So we need  never live with a lack in our lives. We need have no fear about the future - either for ourselves or for our children. When we are rich IN GOD he provides ALL our needs



                                                                                              Joyous Easter blessings!

                                                                                                          Msgr. Xavier


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