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Music Ministry

Faith Formation

Youth Ministry

Rev. Msgr. Xavier Pappu
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2103
Phone: 903-295-7558 (res.)


Beth Kennedy
Phone: 903-295-3890 x2102

Nayeli Gonzalez
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2101

Beth Kennedy
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2107

Freeda Dasaiyan
Phone: 903-295-3890  x 2105

Sonya Pereira
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2106

This Week

This Week/ Esta Semana 

May 25:

Servidoras de Gdpe; 10:00 am, Salón Parro.

Cursillistas; 7:00 pm, Salón Parroquial

May 26:

Finance Council; 6:30 pm, Conference Room.

May. 27:

Adoration; 7:30 am-5:45 pm, Chapel

May. 28:

Crecimiento Clases; 7:00 PM, Salón #14

Grupo Compartiendo la fe; 7 pm, Salón #36

Quinceañera Clases; 6:00 pm, Salon #13

May. 29:

RICA Clases; 7:00 PM, Salón Parro..




Weekly Message


21. Multimillionaires Living in Poverty

Dear brothers and sisters,

   We celebrate the Day of Pentecost. The Lord, as He promised, sends the Holy Spirit to fill the hearts of the people and renew our lives and families and work; but we need to use the indwelling Spirit.

   During the depression this field was a sheep ranch owned by a man named Yates. Mr. Yates wasn’t able to make enough on his ranching operation to pay the principal and interest on the mortgage, so he was in danger of losing his ranch. With little money for clothes or food, his family had to live on government subsidy. Day after day, as he grazed his sheep over those rolling West Texas hills, he was no doubt greatly troubled about how he would pay his bills.

   Then a seismographic crew from an oil company came into the area and told him there might be oil on his land. They asked permission to drill a wildcat well, and he signed a lease contract. At 1,115 feet they struck a huge oil reserve. The first well came in at 80,000 barrels a day. Many subsequent wells were more than twice as large. In fact, 30 years after the discovery, a government test of one of the wells showed it still had the potential flow of 125,000 barrels of oil a day. And Mr. Yates owned it all. The day he purchased the land he had received the oil and mineral rights. Yet, he’d been living on relief. A multimillionaire living in poverty. The problem? He didn’t know the oil was there even though he owned it.
[Source: Untapped Spiritual Resources, by Greg Asimakoupoulos, Naperville, Illinois.] 

   Many Christians live in spiritual poverty. They are entitled to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and his energizing power, but they are not aware of their birthright. Are you one of them? My brothers and sisters, we belong to a family of God. We are multimillionaires with the gifts of God. We don’t have to live in poverty. Let us use them; and receive more and more.  Blessings!         


Msgr. Xavier


Special Events in the Parish



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