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Music Ministry

Faith Formation

Youth Ministry

Rev. Msgr. Xavier Pappu
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2103
Phone: 903-295-7558 (res.)


Beth Kennedy
Phone: 903-295-3890 x2102

Nayeli Gonzalez
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2101

Beth Kennedy
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2107

Freeda Dasaiyan
Phone: 903-295-3890  x 2105

Sonya Pereira
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2106

This Week

This Week/ Esta Semana  

May 09

Women's ACTS Faith Sharing; 7:00 pm, Rm. 37

Servidoras de Gdpe; 10:00 am Salon Parro.

Cursillistas; 7:00 pm, Salon Parroquial

Nueva Evangelizacion; 7:00 pm, Salon # 14

May 10

Grupo de Oracion; 8:30 pm, Salon Parroquial

May 11

Men's ACTS Faith Sharing; 6:00 am, PH

Adoration; 7:30 am- 5:45 pm, Chapel

St. Vincent de Paul Society; 5 pm, Room 11

Adoracion; 7:30 am - 5:45 pm, Capilla

May 12

JOY Ministry; 6:30 pm, Parish Hall

Catholic Daughters; 6:30 pm, SJP Room #5

Crecimiento Clases; 7:00 pm, Salón #13, 15, 37

    Grupo Compartiendo la fe; 7:00 pm, Salón #14

May 13

Altar Society Meeting; 1:00 pm, Parish Hall

RICA; 7:00 pm, Salon # 14

May 14

Preparacion Pre-Bautismo; 4:30 pm, Salon Parroquial











Weekly Message

Mothers: The Merciful Image of God

Dear brothers and sisters,

I wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!  The month of May is also dedicated to our Mother Mary. During this year of Mercy, on this Mothers’ Day, I would like to reflect on Mother Mary and all our  mothers as the “Merciful Image of God”. 

When we pray the traditional prayer: Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, Our life, our sweetness,... We address Mother Mary as “Mother of  Mercy.” Mother Mary’s words to St. Brigid of Sweden (Rev. 1.6, c.10): "I am the Queen of Heaven and the Mother of Mercy; I am the joy of the just, and the door through which sinners are brought to God." She also said to St. Juan Diego in Guadalupe: “Am I not here, I who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection?”  How is she ‘Mother of Mercy”?

Through her Immaculate Conception, "Mary is the one who experienced mercy in an exceptional way — as no one else." This first act is the Father's prevenient mercy for this very tiny child that is to be born.

At the annunciation, the angel Gabriel said, “Fear not, Mary, for you have found favor with God.” It is ironic, this very simple theological truth — that Mary is our Mother of Mercy because she gave birth to our merciful Savior. She expressed it in Luke 1: 46-55.

 I read a beautiful incident in the life of the Emperor Napoleon. A mother sought the pardon of her son from  Napoleon. The emperor said it was his second offense, and justice demanded his death. "I don't ask for justice," demanded his mother, "I plead for mercy." "But," said the emperor, "he does not deserve mercy." "Sir," cried the mother, "it would not be mercy if he deserved it, and   mercy is all I ask for." "Well, then," said the emperor, "I will have mercy." And her son was saved.

Our mothers have been so merciful always. It’s our turn to be merciful to them, even if they make any mistake or human errors; or suffering from various illness and old age. Let us renew our love for them once again and honor them always. After all, it is the commandment of God, “honor your father and mother.”

                     Happy Mothers Day!             


  Msgr. Xavier


Special Events in the Parish




From Kinder - 5 grade

We take only 100 children; hurry!

"First come, First served"



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